Haunted Romance Series

Coming In 2018:
Redeem My Broken Soul

Haunted Romance Series, #3

New COVER and epilogue coming

APRIL 2018

Available Now:
Follow You Anywhere

Haunted Romance Series, #2

Looking in the past,

two souls follow their intuition to something more...


BETTINA is letting go of the horrors of her past and starting over on her own terms.  Used to the confines of her ex-husband's harsh restrictions, with her new friends at her side, she's excited to go on her first adventure in her unfamiliar small town life—a ghost hunt of an old Victorian boarding house.  When strange events begin to emerge, Bettina is convinced something followed her home. He might not be the only one who followed.

New COVER and epilogue coming 

MARCH 2018

Available Now:
Until Death Do Us Part

Haunted Romance Series, #1


The veil between life and death will part to bring two souls together…

MILLIE was a lonely spirit with no one but her house to keep her company. That changed the day the handsome new owner of her precious home moved in and said hello. She never thought she would have a chance to fall in love again. Now she is chipping away at her past and turning away from the light she thought she was waiting for. There is just one problem; the love of her afterlife is engaged.