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If you are here reading this; thank you for checking out my site and blog! I am excited to have this site up and to be sharing it with the internet universe. This is a big step for me towards making my dream a career instead of a hobby. As a writer just beginning the journey, I spend hours reading articles and books that all say START YOUR PLATFORM NOW! If you wait until you’ve got the publishing contract, it’s already too late. To that end, I have set up a twitter account, @cassieleigh322, and a Facebook page, CassieLeighAuthor, but the biggest step I took was this site. I plan to keep this simple and focus on what I’m reading, writing, and learning along the way.

This week, the writers group I participate in, Noble Pen, had a very informative speaker. Stacy Green writes crime thrillers and is an indie author. She spoke to us about the various directions open to an author in the publishing world today but mostly focused on indie publishing and how it differs from publishing traditionally. I won’t bore you by regurgitating what she told us, but I will say I walked away with a couple of things to ponder. First, how much does it mean to me to be on a bookshelf verses just being published and read. I’ve spent the last few days really pondering this question. For me I find that it’s an essential part of my dream but not something that I need immediately. I want to be in a bookstore someday down the line. What does matter to me immediately is a good editor.

This leads me to the second thought I walked away with. Indie publishing sounds like a great option because you have control and the support of great editors; editors you find yourself and pay for. I am fairly self-aware and I know I need a copy editor. Commas and homophones are my kryptonite. I simply cannot see those mistakes, not in my work and not in others. The cost of an editor is staggering to me. I would need a developmental editor, copy editor and cover art before I could be indie published. This could cost me a ballpark of $2k for one book. That is not small potatoes for my family.

I haven’t given up the idea of traditional publishing yet, but I will say that indie publishing is looking more and more viable if I can eliminate hurdles.

Shout Outs: This group has been instrumental in teaching me to revise my work when I was just a dreamer with a first draft.

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