When Opportunity Knocks

As a writer at the beginning of my career, I am following one philosophy. If I see an opportunity, I am researching it and if its sound, I’m taking it. In the last couple months I’ve had a couple of fun opportunities. In April I went to California to go the LA Times Festival of Books (more on that in a future post). My most recent opportunity I found on twitter.

I follow Avon Romance on twitter. I happened to be checking out their tweets on my lunch break and discovered the AvonFanLit contest. They provided a prompt and a deadline, then opened it up for writers to submit. Needless to say I jumped on that bandwagon. Avon Impulse is my dream publisher and I could not resist the chance to get my work in front of their eyes. I entered the Chapter 1 round and thanks to some Facebook support, I finished 4th in the popular vote. I even had a positive comment from an Avon Editor. Each Chapter round will have one winner and from the five chapter winners a grand prize winner will be chosen by the Avon Editors (they are choosing the chapter winners as well)!

I thought I was done, but when they released the Chapter 2 prompt I found the courage to keep going. I submitted my Chapter 2 on Saturday. I’ve received lots of positive comments and I have high hopes, but the popular vote isn’t over until Friday, June 5th at 11am CST. There are oodles of very talented writers entered this round. I strongly encourage you to check it out. You can vote for as many different submissions as you would like, but I would be remiss if I didn’t plug my submission titled “Persuasion Of A Fickle Heart”. It’s my subtle ode to Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I hope you like it. Please follow the links on this page to check it out and support authors following opportunity’s call to action. Please share on social media and encourage others to do so as well. Thank you!

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