Winds of Change

It’s not every day I try something new and learn something about myself. I suppose I have Avon Fanlit to thank for my latest discovery. Not only do I like regency/historical romance, I can write it. That does not mean I have given up on my first love, paranormal romance. In fact I hope that writing regency may help me get my paranormal work published. I am still working on Until Death Do Us Part. That will be coming sooner rather than later and let me tell you, that draft is looking amazing!

Writing the regency chapters for the contest has taught me that I can be funny, that I can meet a hardcore deadline and write well when tied to a deadline, and that there is more rattling around in my head than I​​ thought possible. I have found a new community of friends who write historical across the country and have made plans for the future.

First order of business, write a regency romance! And with Camp Nanowrimo right around the corner, what better time. The winds of change blew through and left me with a busy summer; a contest, a new regency to write, and a novella to finish. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

If you are so inclined, check out my latest contest submission, Gravity of Loves Allure, here. Chapter 3 is open for voting this week and takes place in a hot air balloon. Remember it is NOT a continuation of my chapter 2, it’s a continuation of the Chapter 2 that won. So that you don’t get lost, check out the story so far here. I hope you enjoy the many talented writers taking a chance in Avon Fanlit and please vote for me. Thank you!

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