Hello World...I didn't die!

Let's start with the important news shall we! I have a new novella and it's available exclusively in the Seduction In A Suit Anthology. In case you missed all my Facebook posts, it released today!

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to see this hit Amazon! I am not ashamed to say this book got stuck in a long and difficult labor and delivery. Yes, I just compared writing to child birth. For me, that's kind of what it's like and I know a thing or two about babies who don't want to come out. It's my curse. LOL.

I digress. This anthology has a stellar lineup of ladies delivering titles that are sure to steam up your kindle and includes New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors. Say goodbye to a typical day at the office and get ready for a whole new kind of workplace hazard. This week it's only 99cents! Be sure to lock it down before that price goes up!

My entry in this anthology is Business Casual and continues the contemporary series I started in the fall, Ink & Brazen Women. This series very much came as a result of my own personal evolution. Each heroine featured carries a little piece of me in her origin story. Now I'm not always going to tell you which piece of me that is, but for Business Casual I will say Briar gets a little of my good girl testing the rules and finding herself.

2017 and so far 2018 have seen a huge personal evolution for me and going forward I plan to share the public side of that with all of you! I've lost 65 lbs. (and I'm not done), started doing pinup, and went blonde! It goes deeper than that but I can't tell you all at once or this thing would go on forever.

So why do I point out that I didn't die? With NIBB2018 rapidly approaching I was reminded of a funny story from NIBB2017 that's pretty relevant here.

When I went to NIBB2017 I didn't have a new release. In fact, I had been struggling to write anything thanks to a busy family, demanding day job, and a personal creative funk. I was just happy to be around books, friends, and the people who loved them both as much as I did. I had a lady stop at my table, pick up one of my books and after reading the back exclaim, "You're not dead!"

She went on to explain that since I don't release books frequently that her and her friend assumed I must have died! LOL!

This year I'm coming with two (possible three) new releases, a couple of relaunched extended editions, and more romances in the pipeline. I hope that's enough to prove I'm not dead and in fact, I'm better than ever! Until next time...

Read books, love hard, and stay sassy!

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